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The European Union has a significant impact on Franco-Belgian legal developments, and the two countries are extremely important trading partners for one another.

Our "French Desk" assists natural or legal persons with advice on transactions and disputes, based on specific Franco-Belgian matters.

The French Desk is a multidisciplinary team, consisting of bilingual lawyers from various fields of expertise. They continuously receive training in comparative law between the two countries (see "Cahiers Franco Belge") and can fall back on a range of networks.

Monard Law boasts years of experience and knowledge and has carefully built high-quality inter-professional networks, allowing it to supply customised services. Furthermore, exceptionally close collaboration with other professional networks provides access to inter-professional coordination and support, guaranteeing that efficient cross-border legal services are supplied.

Examples of French Desk dossiers:

  • Choosing and founding a company, subsidiary or branch in France taking the social and fiscal consequences into account? What about the status of the director or branch manager?
  • How should Belgian investors organise the buyout of shares and real estate of an SAS in France, and what are the legal and tax issues involved?
  • Which country's laws are the most advantageous when setting up an agency or a distribution contract? What are the possibilities for terminating a long-term distribution contract in France and what are the consequences of doing so? Why opt for a branch instead of a subsidiary as an alternative for my distribution channels? Do my products have to be certified?
  • Is a Belgian sports federation obliged to organise a public tender in order to find its sponsor? Can a French company challenge the fact that the Belgian federation imposes its own sponsor in local events that it organises in Belgium, even outside the competitions at federal level?
  • How should a lease contract be drawn up between a French company that belongs to Belgian shareholders and that owns real estate with a potential German lessee?
  • What are the administrative duties involved in employing Belgian manual and office workers in France or seconding them there and vice versa, and what are the consequences of doing so?
  • How should I organise my Franco-Belgian companies or group structure?


Who are we?

Monard Law, an office with over 80 lawyers, represents experience and knowledge in legal and interdisciplinary assistance and advice, focusing on Belgian or French companies or private individuals and their projects over the border.

The French Desk also extends to all our offices in Belgium, targeting the entire Franco-Belgian territory.



Our team:

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