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The value of specialization is something you undoubtedly appreciate. But finding the right advisor for a specific problem is not always easy. Different specialists under one roof offer an added value, particularly if they are familiar with your area of activities. What's more, our team has extensive experience with Polish law offices and various organizations. Hence we are in a prime position to provide efficient support with knowledge of the Belgian corporate culture, without (expensive) traveling and with the help of the most suitable service provider in Poland.

Since 1992, our office has been advising some of its clients in Poland. This counselling has evolved in accordance with the changes in Polish legislation as well as the requirements of our clients. Today we represent Belgian and Polish clients in various legal domains.

Our team cooperates within a full-service office, with branches in Antwerp, Gent, Brussels and Hasselt. Our specialists build up and share expertise across the different branches. Among other things, they regularly hold internal seminars in order to exchange and share expertise, new trends and useful information. At your request, our lawyer can also organize external seminars.

In Belgium the Polish Desk is backed by a "stand by" group of lawyers from different legal disciplines. From our experience we have learned that the combination of knowledge of language and culture of both countries and a comparative legal knowledge of the legal framework and practices offers a considerable added value.

Counsel Damian Brodzinski is responsible for the coordination of all contacts of our Polish Desks, tailored to your requirements.

Monard Law pursues solid personal ties. A relationship of long duration. Hence we serve our clients from 4 purposefully selected locations. In each Flemish region, you will find Monard Law in close proximity. Monard Law speaks the language of the entrepreneur: a practical solution for everything, legally proven and tested, within the time frame specified.

In Poland, our office cooperates in a selective manner with a network of specialists all across Poland, with diversity and expertise. We are therefore capable of providing tailor-made advice and subsequently also concrete support for the implementation of the supplied advice.

Monard Law is the privileged partner of Bepolux, the Belgian-Polish-Luxemburgish Chamber of Commerce. Various of our publications have also been made available on the website of the Polish Embassy.

Our team:

Damian Brodzinski
Kris van der Beek
Pieter Van den Broeck
Kristof Zadora

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