Non-Profit en Trade Associations

Non-Profit en Trade Associations

Our Non-Profit and Trade Associations team is the one-stop-shop for national and international non-profit organizations, trusts and charities active or registered in Belgium.

Our team is composed of lawyers with varied but complimentary experience, qualifications, and skills that can advise you on:

  • Corporate law issues such as advising on the correct incorporating, governance (board decisions, general assemblies, corporate governance), reorganization (cooperation, mergers, splits), re-incorporation,  winding up and liquidation;
  • Tax law issues such as advising on the correct declarations and reporting obligations, commercial versus non-commercial activities, VAT status, charity related taxation;
  • Employment law issues such as the specific employment rules applying to non-profit organizations, freelancing and volunteering, international mobility and cooperation with independent contractors; 
  • Public law issues such as public procurement,  PPP, civil service and forms of cooperation;
  • Real estate issues including purchase and sale of real estate, real estate management and  shares certification, lease,  sub-lease and other issues;
  • Commercial and civil contracting;
  • Liability and insurance law issues.

Our dedicated focus groups have in depth experience dealing with non-profit organizations active in  Education, Schools & Universities, Care Sector, Hospital Sector and other non-profit organizations including cultural, sports or charity focused organizations.

Furthermore, we have a specific team engaged in advising international and European trade associations in order to help them be compliant with Belgian law and at the same time obtain maximum flexibility and cost efficiency for their members, directors and employees. 

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