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Traineeship in the legal profession


As a law student, you have already decided to become a lawyer. Now that you are on the verge of graduation, or have already obtained your diploma, you want to get going. There is no better place to kickstart your career than at Monard Law. After you have taken the professional oath, you can embark on a three-year articling programme with us.

Kickstarting your career

During the first year, you will take the BUBA programme, a professional training course organised by the Bar Association.

This programme teaches you practical skills and devotes attention to the composition of procedural documentation, contracts and similar instruments. At the same time, you will work on your verbal fluency by practising plea exercises. Likewise, you will be taking an in-house training course with Monard Law, consisting of intensive guidance, coaching-on-the-job and training programmes and courses specifically designed for the purpose. During this initial traineeship period with us, you will lay strong foundations for the future.


What other benefits can we offer you?

You will be actively participating in monthly study meetings, during which legal journals are discussed briefly, as well as interesting cases handled by the firm.


On a practice group basis, publications are studied and cases and/or specific areas are explained, providing an opportunity to engage in debate. You will participate in the practice group meetings on an office basis and at all the various locations.

Sector study

Experienced lawyers will discuss special topics with reference to their own approaches... precisely the kind of thing they did not teach you in the classroom.

Informal discussions

If you wish to pursue a part-time academic career, we will offer support towards this and encourage you publish legal articles.

We will also encourage you to publish commercialised contributions in your own name, that is to say, newsletters that are made available digitally to an interested target group, with the author's personal signature.

Profiling and own publications

As a trainee lawyer, you will be offered an opportunity to work on well-defined cases on an ongoing basis. This will provide you with an insight into the partnership's strategic decisions, the development of cases and the way in which objectives are fulfilled.

Attention to the strategy and the development of cases

Wherever possible, our associate partners will invite you to attend all of the discussions. A trainee lawyer will have the opportunity to experience the legal problem at hand with a sense of personal involvement.

Personal client contact

The trainee lawyer is advised never to accept a problem at face value. You are likewise urged to obtain relevant information by engaging in penetrating and probing discussions and to amass research data to constitute the basis for a more thorough approach to, and support for, the client's factual and legal position.

Assertiveness and critical examination

The trainee lawyer will be invited to collaborate in the preparation of texts for public speeches and addresses, slide presentations and similar events, a contribution that will be acknowledged with a personal mention and, where feasible, effective personal participation.

Participation in the preparation of public addresses, speeches and seminars

Our legal practice comprises a combination of various niches and practice groups. You will be invited to decide, in keeping with a schedule and pace that you will set for yourself, on a specialisation in a specific niche. The possibility to compare the advantages of the various departments and legal areas is experienced as a refreshing and broadening exercise. At first, your articling programme will be of a general nature, but, as time passes, the field will be narrowed and you will participate in making your own choices.

Invitation to start in-depth specialisation and development

You will become acquainted with the strategies and the various types of approaches practised by a number of case managers, depending on the relevant practice group area. In effect, for most of the niches, there are a number of associates under whose guidance and direction work can be performed. For the trainee lawyer, the challenge is to make the best of the opportunities offered to him or her.

Getting acquainted with various types of approach

Time abroad with an associated practice, or in the Walloon region, can provide a significant contribution to sharpening one's language proficiency.

Exchange opportunities

Ready access to high-end ICT systems makes life much nicer and a good deal easier for the trainee lawyer.

Modern work environment

All birthday occasions are celebrated in honour of the birthday ‘boy' or ‘girl'. Every Friday evening, we plan a get-together with a bite and refreshments. Fruit as a nourishing snack has become a permanent fixture. We are mindful of the ancient aphorism "Mens sana in corpore sano".

Easy-going work environment

It goes without saying that we maintain, for everybody's use, a very extensive and modern library, including legal databanks.

Legal libraries and databanks

In 2008, Monard Law Hasselt was represented with 3 teams to contest the VOKA Chambers Trophy and won first and third prize out of 110 participating teams.

Representation and sports teams

In its mission statement, Monard Law pays public tribute to the significant contributions of all its staff. This collaboration, which we fully expect to continue into the future, ensures the firm's ongoing successes.

Mission statement

All stages of a case are presented in a transparent manner to the trainee lawyer from initial client contact up to final billing and financial follow-up.

Learning to operate independently

You will be assigned to one of our associate lawyers during the articling term. This associate will be an experienced lawyer with at least 10 years' actual practice in the field. He/she will assume final responsibility for your training programme. Moreover, your adviser is your permanent contact person, both for legal matters and for issues of any other kind. In the course of your articling term, you will be given an increasing number of your own cases, i.e. cases for which you are expected to take responsibility. At least once a year, we will conduct a joint evaluation exercise.



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