Lawyer in your business

Lawyer in your business

Does your company need a lawyer, but has no space for a full-time lawyer? Do you wish to temporarily hire a lawyer for a particular project, an acquisition or expansion? Or do you simply want to outsource your legal work at an interesting cost?

You don’t want theoretical advice, but pragmatic and practical advice tested against our experience?

You want a lawyer who thinks like an entrepreneur and who can take your business to a higher level? A lawyer with whom you build a bond, and who is available for the company as much and whenever you want.

One lawyer with 16 specializations? It can! Our lawyer in your company can always rely on our experienced team of specialists.


  • Law Partner in your team
  • A partner who is familiar with the legal aspects of business operations
  • Your legal soundboard
  • Package or tailored subscription (as long as necessary and flexible)
  • Interesting tailored price

How do we proceed?

We look forward to learning about your business and hearing your questions about legal services.

Always in accordance and transparent. We are sure ... you'll be surprised by the possibilities!

You decide freely if we proceed.