Luk Cassimon

Luk Cassimon

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Who is Luk Cassimon?

Luk Cassimon has been a lawyer since 2012, specializing in tax law. Luk has vast expertise in assisting clients in tax inspections by advising them on how to negotiate with the tax administration. He has extensive experience in handling judicial proceedings before the different courts and tribunals in Belgium. In addition, Luk advises companies and private individuals on direct business taxation.

After law school, Luk worked at a renowned tax law firm and pursued his career even further in 2017 when he joined an international law firm and where he specialized in advising on tax inspections. He joined Monard Law in September 2020.

Luk often writes articles about tax and tax law, which are published in legal journals.

Language skills
Dutch, French, English


  • Tax & tax litigation