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Our specializations

At Monard Law you will find specialists in many fields of law. They work closely together across all domains because a case is not limited to one discipline.


Medical Law

Medical Law

Medical Law

Expert medical lawyers provide advice and assist in legal proceedings in matters of:

  • hospital legislation (the structure of the hospital and the statute governing the services of hospital physicians, mergers and cooperative partnerships, hospital financing, etc.);
  • Medical Liability Law (compromise settlement and court proceedings following medical errors, the use of medical aids and equipment, the medical accident fund etc.);
  • Pharmaceutical Law (the prescription drug laws, the law on medical aids and equipment, registration, distribution, clinical trials, human body parts, etc.);
  • NIHDI legislation (nomenclature, procedures of the NIHDI service, medical evaluation and inspection, reference amounts etc.);
  • medical ethics (procedures of the Belgian Order of Physicians, the Belgian Order of Pharmacists, etc.);
  • status of the health care provider (accreditation, professional title, professional confidentiality etc.);
  • status of the patient (the patient rights law, the medical file, informed consent, abortion, IVF, euthanasia, privacy, etc.);
  • cooperative partnerships (contractual relationship with the care institution, cooperation amongst physicians, etc.);
  • Administrative Law (public procurements, PPP, accreditation dossiers, "Conseil d'Etat" (France's highest administrative court) proceedings, Constitutional Court, etc.);
  • privacy and e-health (electronic medical file, privacy rules etc.).

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