Labour, Employment

Labour, Employment

Labour & Employment Law

Labour relations are strictly regulated in Belgium. Irregularities, even due to lack of knowledge, can have serious consequences. Monard Law offers advice, guidance and representation in all aspects of labour relations and social protection. Our expertise encompasses the private and public sector, at the individual and collective level, for both Belgian and cross-border issues.

Without being exhaustive, this includes the drafting of employment contracts, labour regulations and various policies, the negotiation and conclusion of collective labour agreements, the guidance and assistance with salary optimisation, supplementary pensions, the restructuring and transfer of businesses, strikes, social elections and advising on the functioning of consultative bodies.

We have extensive experience in compliance control and guidance, including in the field of occupational health & safety legislation, working hours, privacy at work, false self-employment, international mobility, cross-border employment (in- and outbound) or temporary agency work.

In addition to litigating before all labour courts, administrative courts or disciplinary bodies with regards to employment, Monard Law assists both companies and their directors in the event of social inspection and/or criminal prosecution for employment law infringements, for example in the event of suspected undeclared work, prohibited placement or in the event of occupational accidents where the employer is accused of failing to comply with the safety measures.

Finally, Monard Law assists employees, self-employed and civil servants in all branches of Belgian and European social security law, both with regards to the obligation to pay contributions and with regards to the right to benefits. Monard Law also assists in disputes and gives advice on sickness and disability benefits, special solidarity fund, nomenclature of guaranteed income, unemployment, optimisation of pensions and family allowances.

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