Reinhold Tournicourt

Reinhold Tournicourt

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Who is Reinhold Tournicourt?

Reinhold Tournicourt is a renowned specialist in fiscal law, fiscal procedures, and financial, economic and fiscal criminal law.

He obtained his Law Doctorate in 1970 (Catholic University of Leuven). In 1971, he obtained a Master of Comparative Law at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas (USA). That same year, he became an assistant researcher at the Catholic University of Leuven in the Institute of Labour Law, under the leadership of Professor R. Blanpain. In 1972-1973, he was a fiscal consultant for Loyens & Volkmaars Fiscal Consultants. Reinhold Tournicourt began his career as a lawyer in 1974 and was registered at the Brussels bar in 1977. He was a founder and partner of the Tournicourt-Vanistendael law firm. He became a partner at Loyens in 1997, and transferred to Monard Law in 2003.

Reinhold Tournicourt was responsible for the Fiscal Criminal Law course (2nd year) at the Fiscale Hogeschool St. Aloysius (until 1997), editor of the “Fiscale Jurisprudentie” journal (1982-1990), lecturer at the Fiscal Criminal Law practice school, Catholic University of Leuven (1984-1988), member of the Board of the Dutch Bar Association in Brussels and treasurer (1994-1997) and editor for Larcier Codes (fiscal) (until 1997).


He is a member of the Fiscal Commission of the Brussels bar, the exam commission of the Fiscale Hogeschool and the Fiscal Commission of the Order of Flemish Bar Associations.

Language skills
Dutch, French, German, English


  • Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Mediation
  • Fraud, White-Collar Crime
  • Tax & tax litigation