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Our mission statement contains the following statements: "Think ahead"; "Do a lot of what you love to do"; Enjoy life to the fullest".

You're in your law studies and you're thinking about becoming a lawyer. What better way to get a taste of the profession than to do a student internship? And so think ahead and already starting to enjoy the life of a lawyer.

We would also like to welcome you, Master's student, within Monard Law to enrich your studies. In this way, we can also contribute to your education and professionalisation as future lawyers.

At the same time, we can also 'taste' whether you would fit in with our specific culture.

What do we ask and give?

  • You will be given specific assignments, in line with your knowledge and skills, to support Monard Law. E.g.: go along with a negotiation, write a conclusion,...
  • We require a presence of 1 month (or at least 2 weeks) mainly during the summer holidays.
  • In case of a compulsory study placement, the duration of the internship is imposed by the university.

How to apply?

  • We only welcome students in their Masters years.
  • Send your CV, motivation letter and points to
  • Clearly indicate which branch you prefer, as well as the specialisation (e.g. public, tax, social law,...).
Contact us

Monard Law Antwerp:
+32 (0)3/286 79 40

Monard Law Brussels:
+32 (0)2/234 67 10

Monard Law Hasselt:
+32 (0)11/28 15 00

Monard Law Gent:
+32 (0)9/224 44 28